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Power of Attorney

basic estate planning documents

Durable Power of Attorney For Financial Management

This document allows you to designate an individual as your agent or Attorney-in-fact to handle all or a select number of your financial affairs in the event that you were to become mentally or physically incapacitated and thus incompetent to manage your estate or finances. You may, if you wish, render the same authority prior to the onset of any incompetence.

There are many benefits to executing a durable power of attorney but chief among these is that a properly drafted and executed Power of Attorney will avoid the necessity of a costly court action to establish a legal guardianship for you if you should suffer an event that leaves you incompetent without a Power of Attorney. In the event you should become unable to manage your financial affairs, in the absence of a valid Power of Attorney, statutes require a Court action to establish your incompetence and appoint a guardian to manage your assets and finances.

Once executed the Power of Attorney survives your subsequent incapacity or incompetence and your designated agent is, in effect, the guardian of your estate.

Basic Estate Planning Documents

Attorney Riley offers a very reasonable flat fee for the drafting of all three of these documents for both married parties, partners, or individuals. Please call (608-833-3880) or Attorney Tim Riley for a quote on these services.

Please also refer to basic estate planning, wills & trusts and health care provisions.

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