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It is wise for everyone to remember that any information sent over the Internet may be read by any of many, many parties on any of the many servers used to deliver that information. The Internet cannot provide a reasonable means of privacy.

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If Attorney Riley may be of assistance to you with your legal situation, please contact him for a free initial consultation at (608) 833-3880. Attorney Riley will be happy to speak with you with no obligation on your part.

Free Initial Consultation

If I may be of assistance to you and help you with your legal situation, please contact me at (608) 833-3880. I will happy to speak with you with no obligation on your part.

"I also believe that when hiring an attorney, particularly with regard to family law, it is essential that a prospective client have an opportunity to meet and discuss their case with that attorney. It is for this reason that I offer a free no obligation one half hour consultation. A client who is going to entrust an attorney with their most personal and important legal needs should have the opportunity to meet that attorney without opening their purse or wallet."

"I also sincerely believe that a client deserves thorough and effective advocacy and representation at a fair and reasonable cost. As such, I have maintained a very competitive retainer and fee schedule over the course of my more than three decades in practice."

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