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Limited Scope Representation in Pro Se Actions

What does Pro se mean?

Pro se is a Latin term that means acting in “propria persona”. In regard to a divorce action, it means at least one party is representing themselves in the lawsuit that will dissolve their marriage. A party proceeding without formal representation in Court is said to be appearing pro se. In a limited scope pro se representation Attorney Tim Riley provides analysis, advice, review, and will assist with document preparation. Attorney Riley does not enter a formal appearance with the Court or make appearances in Court unless the client elects to retain him as the Attorney of Record.

Can pro se parties consult with a lawyer?

While pro se litigants (the parties involved in the lawsuit) will not have an attorney in court with them, they certainly may consult with a lawyer during the divorce process. When pro se parties consult with a lawyer regarding their lawsuit or case but the lawyer is not representing them in Court nor is the attorney listed as the counsel of record, the term used to describe that relationship is "limited scope representation".

limited scope representation for pro se divorce litigants

Riley Law Office offers affordable limited scope representation for pro se litigants in divorce actions. If you are pursuing your divorce through a pro se action and do not plan to have an attorney represent you in Court, you certainly may still consult with Attorney Riley during the divorce process. It may be very wise for you to do so. If you have questions about how Attorney Riley may help you in a pro se action or about your divorce action in any manner, please contact Attorney Riley's office for a free initial consultation! The number is (608) 833-3880.

Trial Advocacy For all Family Law Matters

Attorney Tim Riley offers trial advocacy or limited scope representation on all family law matters including divorce, legal separation, child custody and placement, paternity, child support, property division, and maintenance.

Attorney Riley also provides services in drafting and reviewing of Marital Property Agreements, (pre-nuptial agreements).

Free Initial Consultation

Attorney Tim Riley offers a free initial consultation. Please call the office at 608-833-3880.

Contact Riley Law Office

If Attorney Tim Riley can be of assistance to you with your legal situation, please call Riley Law Office for a free initial consultation at (608) 833-3880 or email Attorney Riley. Attorney Riley will be happy to speak with you with no obligation on your part.

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Free Initial Consultation

If I may be of assistance to you and help you with your legal situation, please contact me at (608) 833-3880. I will happy to speak with you with no obligation on your part.

"I also believe that when hiring an attorney, particularly with regard to family law, it is essential that a prospective client have an opportunity to meet and discuss their case with that attorney. It is for this reason that I offer a free no obligation one half hour consultation. A client who is going to entrust an attorney with their most personal and important legal needs should have the opportunity to meet that attorney without opening their purse or wallet."

"I also sincerely believe that a client deserves thorough and effective advocacy and representation at a fair and reasonable cost. As such, I have maintained a very competitive retainer and fee schedule over the course of my 36 years of practice."

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